Politico ran a piece Friday noting that Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida had no path to victory, having “run out of time, run out of favorable court rulings and is about to officially run out of votes.”

Politico reports:

“It’s done. But it was done before today. This was a total Hail Mary,” said a top Democrat involved in Nelson’s campaign who didn’t want to speak publicly before the Democratic Party icon conceded defeat to one of the party’s most-hated rivals.

The night before, [U.S. District Judge Mark E.] Walker had rejected yet another Nelson lawsuit concerning standards for divining voter intent in manual recounts, and he refused to extend the deadlines of the recount.

Further down the piece, however, is an interesting tidbit: “While party officials refused to discuss the hopelessness of the situation on the record, the Florida Democratic Party on Friday continued to fundraise off the recount, suggesting to donors that Nelson had a shot when his own top backers knew he didn’t.”

And soon to be without a Senate seat.