CNN’s op-ed trying to convince Hillary Clinton not to run again in 2020 isn’t the first of its kind; remember the backlash when a bunch of Vanity Fair staffers made a video suggesting Clinton take up a hobby like knitting instead, or the recent piece in The Root declaring, “Hillary needs to stop. Then stop some more. Turn around, stop. And then stop.”

And these aren’t Republicans. Democrats are coming out one by one after Clinton said in a recent interview, “I’d like to be president.” Even CNN, which probably still has its fingers crossed for a Michael Avenatti run, is publishing op-eds telling Clinton to sit this one out.

Bradley Honan and Arick Wierson write:

If there is one takeaway from midterm election night, it’s that the face of the new Democratic party is increasingly female, more diverse and, yes, younger.

Democrats will need to not only find a better messenger, but develop a better message that is deeper than “I am not Trump.” If Clinton runs, many Americans will only see her candidacy as a personal vendetta or quest for redemption, not a move with the best interests of Democrats at heart.

So please, Hillary, don’t do it.

Oh man, don’t let Hillary superfan Peter Daou see that misogynistic and sexist line about Clinton being too old.

As much as Democrats like to talk about the new face of the Democratic party being more diverse and more female, don’t forget for a minute that the top two candidates in poll after poll are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Considering how the Resistance has been moaning and screaming at the sky for two years now because Clinton didn’t win, we’ll take all of the “Please don’t run” pieces we can find.