As Twitchy reported Friday, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams finally admitted that Brian Kemp won the election, although she refused to concede even then.

Of course, Abrams’ admission came with a caveat; earlier in the week, she had said that Secretary of State Brian Kemp “mismanaged the election to sway it in his favor,” adding, “He’s been the secretary of suppression.”

Yes, Kemp’s office did purge voters from the voter rolls — that’s the law in Georgia and part of his office’s job — but tweets like this one sum up just why people like Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio insisted that if Abrams didn’t win, it was clear the GOP “stole it.

Twitchy favorite @AG_Conservative has had enough of stories like that one.

And like Hillary Clinton said, refusing to accept the results of an election threatens democracy itself.

Unfortunately, just like President Trump, Gov. Brian Kemp will always have a shadow over his “legitimacy” as long as he’s in office.