As our sister site RedState reported, the anti-Semitism of the Women’s March’s leadership has been costing the group some allies recently, with the organization being stripped of a human rights award that it was supposed to be awarded today in Germany.

And then there’s the Louis Farrakhan problem: if the Women’s March disagrees with his anti-Semitic views, why do we keep coming across that picture of co-founder Tamika Mallory getting a hug from Farrakhan and adding the caption, “Thank God this man is still alive and doing well. He is definitely the GOAT.” The greatest of all time, huh?

The Women’s March has posted a statement to Facebook which clarifies that the group’s leadership does not “support or endorse” his statements about women, Jews, and the LGBTQ community. So now all you conservatives can back off and stop trying to undermine the movement.

Sorry, Women’s March, you can’t blame conservatives for this one.