Sen. Chris Murphy is as anti-Trump as it gets, but his shame is that he doesn’t hesitate before posting idiotic, divisive, and downright untrue things to Twitter is his neverending attempt to own the president. Maybe someday he’ll have some popular Democratic policies to argue, for but now he’s always front and center with hot takes like this one:

Hey Sen. Murphy, you forgot to mention that President Trump called all Mexicans rapists too, remember? Or did you run out of characters?

We get it: the midterms are closing in, Democrats are losing ground in the “Jobs vs. Mobs” election, and so the narrative has been flipped on its side; it’s not even a both-sides issue — all the hate is coming from Trump and the GOP (if you ignore, well, a whole lot).

We could easily sit here and tear Murphy’s tweet apart, but plenty of people are doing it for us:

We’re glad someone pointed that out. It wasn’t Trump’s finest moment of oratory, but the “fine people” on both sides in Charlottesville weren’t neo-Nazis and Antifa, but rather everyday people who disagreed on whether Confederate monuments should be taken down.

Wasn’t Twitter’s No. 1 priority “election integrity” and getting rid of fake news?

This really is the worst kind of crass opportunism.