If you’ve been following reporter Salena Zito for a while, you know she’s from the Pittsburgh area, so she was near the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue that killed 11 people.

What you didn’t know about Zito is that she’s an anti-Semite who caused the shooting by writing about President Trump so much — or so a Guardian reporter might have you believe.

Zito takes a lot of flack by interviewing Trump supporters who aren’t insane conspiracy theorists, but this is ridiculous.

Could it have been Mike Elk? He’s a Guardian labor reporter from Pittsburgh.

Whoever it was …

* * *


It was Mike Elk, and he apologized … sort of.

Ah, so this is one of those “I apologize if you were offended” apologies, not an “I apologize for what I said” apology. Hell yes, she’s offended.