Oliver Darcy is CNN’s senior media reporter, meaning he watches Fox News all night — just like the majority of cable TV viewers.

He was gracious enough Wednesday night to give Fox News host Martha MacCallum some professional pointers after seeing this tweet about her segment interviewing the guy who helped catch the Unabomber.

The guy said the bomb threats could have been a false flag — it’s not like he was suggesting a missing plane disappeared into a black hole or something. Just provide the facts, OK?

Didn’t CNN’s Brian Stelter admit to letting Parkland anti-gun activist David Hogg get away with a few lies because, you know, you can only interrupt a guest so many times? Why yes, he did:

We will give Poppy Harlow credit for telling Rep. Joaquin Castro that she “wasn’t familiar” with the report that Jared Kushner recently gave Saudi Arabia a “hit list” of enemies, including Jamal Khashoggi. At least CNN gave the theory some air.

So what are the facts, CNN, since Fox News is withholding them?

Apparently not.