Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer was spotted on the campus of Cal State University, Fullerton, attempting to register college students to vote. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t having much luck with students who told him voting just didn’t interest them — not the best results of a $33 million pledge to engage young voters in 11 states.

In Texas, one political science professor allegedly decided a great way to encourage his students to get out and vote was to offer them extra credit for doing so, while adding to his Facebook post, “We must show up for Beto to paint Texas blue.”

A viewer sent KRIS 6 News a screenshot of the Facebook post. Professor Adrian Clark had also recently changed his profile photo to one of him posing with Beto O’Rourke, with the “Beto for Senate” logo overlaid. Sounds like he had a vested interest in his students’ votes.

KRIS reports:

Claudia Jackson, Del Mar’s executive director of strategic communication and government relations, released a statement on the situation this afternoon. “The College is aware of a post made by an employee on a non-College, social media site offering extra class credit for voting in the upcoming election. The message was not posted on behalf of the College. The College has clarified that no extra credit should be offered or granted for voting in any election.”

Like Abbott said, “People like this don’t belong on the state payroll.”

How about forgetting about extra credit and letting adults decide for themselves if they’re going to vote or not? Someone sounds desperate to get young Democrats to the polls.