As Twitchy reported earlier, DNC Chair Tom Perez did some mighty backpedaling on cable news, clarifying that he himself doesn’t use the term “Blue Wave” and acknowledging, “We always knew that this election was going to be close.”

So this is a fun little find from The Morning Spew. Twitter polls are anything but scientific, but @amervoices, which goes by the name The Resistance, still has a Shepard Fairey “Hope” portrait of Barack Obama as their Twitter avatar, and claims in their bio to be “Leading the Resistance against Donald Trump!” decided to launch a Twitter poll to see just how big that blue wave was going to be.

That was a mistake:

In case that graphic gets cut off, 2 percent voted for “A Mix,” and the poll had amassed 50,539 votes, until …

We thought that refusing to accept the results of a Twitter poll was a danger to democracy or something.

Look out, Beto, you rock star you.

Looks like that blue wave is going to meet up with some resistance itself.