As Twitchy recently reported, Teen Vogue published a guide on everything you need to know about capitalism — such as you can’t eliminate poverty without eliminating capitalism. Democratic socialism is what’s hot with teens these days.

Now, Tiana Lowe, commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, is giving us a heads up on Teen Vogue’s next educational effort: polyamory.

Lowe writes:

Teen Vogue traded thigh high boot reviews for “Thigh High Politics,” a humorless grievance column written by the perennially victimized Lauren Duca. Elle, technically the largest fashion magazine in the world, now publishes lovely diatribes like, ” My Woke Hot American Summer: 72 Hours at Male Feminism Camp” and ” How to Prepare for a Post-Roe World.” (Spoiler alert: you go to California because federalism still exists.)

But trading in standard-fare pieces about teen dating and safe sex for aggressively woke screeds like ” How To Masturbate If You Have a Penis” — in Teen Vogue, a magazine for teenage girls — comes not without its costs.

So what does Teen Vogue have to teach us about polyamory?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that being polyamorous is about an enthusiasm for having many kinds of relationships with people, and wanting to love as many people as possible in as many ways as possible — it’s about not limiting yourself, in a way that’s healthy and respectful for both you and others you’re cultivating and maintaining relationships with.

Jes, a non-monogamous, non-monosexual, nonbinary person said that for them, non-monogamy is about the fact that, “The more people in my life I have to love, the more love I have to give.”

Maybe Teen Vogue has motivated some young people to meet up at socialist protests and find love there?