If you’re a regular Twitchy reader, you might have caught the post yesterday about CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins insisting that President Trump offered to pay $1 million to charity if Sen. Elizabeth Warren proved her Native American heritage, and Collins even highlighted (part of) Trump’s speech in which he ridiculed Warren’s claim to be a Cherokee Indian:

We’d missed this tweet from CNN reporter Manu Raju Monday, who’d reported that Trump had denied he’d said he’d donate the million dollars, and he too provided (part of) Trump’s speech that ridiculed Warren’s claim to be Cherokee.

We’re going to turn this over to Jason Beale, who posted an awesome thread Monday that spilled over into Wednesday, but first, we have to ask again: how does a DNA test result suggesting Warren might be 1/1024th Native American show she’s an Indian — especially when she has less Native American blood than the average white person in America?

Reporters really want Warren to win this “bet,” even after the Cherokee Nation disavowed her.

Anyway, enjoy this epic takedown of CNN:

Timeskip to Wednesday …

But Warren herself tweeted that Trump had to pay up, so she has to be right, right? She’s Elizabeth Warren, she persisted, she proved she’s part Native American and she wants to be president in 2021.