It’s a question that been asked by a lot of people whose tweets have been featured on this site: Why is it only now that liberals keep arguing that every American institution has to be scrapped (Abolish the Supreme Court! Abolish the Electoral College!) in order to save the republic?

See what we mean?

That hot take was published, what, four days ago? Right after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed … what a coincidence. But even before Kavanaugh was nominated, Vox’s Ezra Klein was online arguing that the way to “fix” the Supreme Court was to limit terms to 12 years and make them non-renewable. Starting with Trump, if possible.

Boy, the Founders got everything wrong, didn’t they?

The call to abolish everything always seems to come from either ThinkProgress or Vox, and this time it’s Vox’s Ezra Klein at it again.

Yes, that’s how it’s designed to work. And the problem is?

The problem is that liberals refuse to accept any election they lose as “legitimate.” Maybe work on the problem from that end for a little bit? “Voxsplain” to your readers that sometimes you don’t get your way?

Honestly, we wouldn’t even be writing about this tweet but we just can’t believe Klein has cranked out another piece just like this.