In case you missed it, “conservative” Washington Post columnist Max Boot, who’s trying to move copies of his new book, “The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right,” essentially smeared the modern GOP as a bunch of bigots who fell for “coded racial appeals” instead of adopting his well-intentioned policy proposals.

So when the New Yorker’s Adam Davidson says he thinks Republicans should go full Max Boot and not squishy Jeff Flake, you know where he’s coming from. And those Republicans who do will guarantee themselves a golden place in history.

Going full #NeverTrump is an easy gimmie, so why aren’t more GOP politicians torching their ties with Trump and guaranteeing themselves that golden place in history? Which is guaranteed. Totally.

But you’ll get so many TV appearances on MSNBC as the “conservative” counterpart on their diverse panels.

Just look at how the Arizona Republicans who elected Jeff Flake love him now; if he went full #NeverTrump, he’d be revered as a god.

Or maybe that golden place in history only exists in the minds of Democrats, and a lot of Republicans actually like what Trump’s accomplished?

Here’s a true believer in Davidson’s theory:

Yeah, sure. Just like Sen. Susan Collins went from the hero who saved Planned Parenthood to a rape apologist within a year.