Twitchy tried to warn everyone Friday night that a quote from President Trump’s rally in Ohio was going to be taken out of context in the media to make Trump sound racist, and sure enough, that’s just what happened, and alleged journalists like Soledad O’Brien fell for it completely.

Yes, Trump did call Robert E. Lee a great general. That’s because Lee was a great general. And the whole point of building up Lee was to show that it took an even greater general, Ohio native Ulysses S. Grant, to defeat him. But yeah, all of that was left out of the tweets.

We’d be angrier if we were even a little bit surprised. Gee, what could the Washington Post mean when it says Trump praised General Lee but still wants black votes?

We thought this take from Scott Lomu, star of Discovery Channel’s “Jungle Gold,” was brilliant and dead-on:


Speaking of blue-checks and their takes on Trump’s speech, here’s the CEO of the Energy Project:

Maybe listen to the whole speech? Read a transcript? Delete your account?