Apologies for so many Dana Loesch posts today, but the woman is on fire and it would be wrong not to share her wisdom.

Anyway, as Twitchy reported, President Trump had a “surreal” meeting in the Oval Office with rapper Kanye West, who went on a “tirade” (the talking points have obviously gone out), and now a lot of people, including journalists, are explaining that West has bipolar disorder and is off his medication — that’s the only explanation for how he and Trump could get along, apparently.

CNN’s S.E. Cupp was among those journalists and explained on the air that West, “who’s clearly not okay,” was just having his mental illness exploited by Trump. Dana Loesch was among many who called out Cupp and others for practicing psychiatry without a license.

Why Kathy Griffin is following Loesch we may never know, but she thought she had the perfect “gotcha” moment all set up.

It’s true that Melania Trump said that Griffin’s Taliban-style photo with Trump’s bloody, severed head “makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.” And she was right. And so is Loesch.

Not only did she pose for a publicity photo with the president’s severed head; she held an emotional press conference afterward and said that Trump had “broken her.” So if she wants to admit that publically, by all means.

We’ll have to give CNN credit; even they reported on Griffin’s horrific photo, calling it “woefully distasteful.”

But now it’s just a “mask and ketchup.” Wasn’t it supposed to be a brilliant piece of satire or something? Which is it?