As Twitchy recently reported, Hillary Clinton is going out on tour with husband Bill in tow, where she’ll probably use her time to egg on the Democrat mob some more.

During that same interview with Christiane Amanpour, Clinton was asked about the sexual assault allegations leveled against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Did Clinton see any parallels with allegations leveled against her husband? The ones they’ll publicly admit to, anyway?

The Daily Mail on Tuesday reported that Clinton said that no, there was no comparison to be made.

‘There’s a very significant difference. And that is the intense, long lasting partisan investigation that was conducted in the 90s,’ Clinton responded, while nodding her head repeatedly.

‘If, you know, the Republicans, starting with President Trump on down want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves,’ Clinton said.

So the fight over Kavanaugh wasn’t partisan? Huh. We thought it was another reason there was no comparison between Bill Clinton and Kavanaugh.

Duh, he practically wrote about all the girls he’d gang-raped in secret code in his yearbook. Just ask Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse; he’s probably still poring over it.