As Twitchy has reported, celebrity lawyer and cable news mainstay Michael Avenatti has met with Democrat strategists to perhaps get some cash flowing into his yet-to-be-announced 2020 bid for president, but he also has to live down his disastrous foray into the Brett Kavanaugh debacle, taking on as a client the least credible “witness” of all, and one the Senate Judiciary Committee refused to hear.

In fact, Chairman Chuck Grassley’s chief counsel told Avenatti to stop emailing them, reminding him, “We focus on credible allegations.”

It seems that Avenatti is still angry at being ignored by the committee, as well as the Senate’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh. It’s all theater for the campaign, but whatever.

Just keep talking … it’s what you do. In the meantime, the Senate Judiciary account fired back: