It’s funny: the media, including CNN, the Washington Post, and Talking Points Memo, have gone into full “Republicans pounce” mode after liberals became totally unhinged during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. CNN’s Don Lemon hosted a segment on President Trump slamming Democrats with a new talking point: “angry mob.” And that came after CNN’s Brooke Baldwin clutched her pearls at the very use of “the m-word.”

Oh, and the next day, 2020 hopeful Eric Holder announced, “When they go low, we kick them.” And Hillary Clinton basically said to forget about civility until Democrats are back in power. And Maxine Waters is out there telling her constituents to mob and harass members of Trump’s cabinet anywhere: gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants.

Heck, we’re old enough to remember when Don Lemon informed us all that the violent, black-clad members of Antifa with their bandanas over their faces weren’t necessarily bad people: “Listen,” he said, “no organization is perfect. There was some violence.”

So we’ve kind of had it with CNN especially telling us that these mobs are just “people who are upset.” And apparently Dallas News editorial writer Jay Caruso has too, and he tore apart Lemon’s defense of the angry mob harassing members of the GOP.

Sorry, Lemon, but this angry mob is yours. Own it.

Oh, and one more thing:

… and scene.


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