You know, maybe it’s just us, but we’re getting a little bit tired of all the reflexive slander against “white people,” “white men,” “white women,” “old white men,” etc., that keep popping up in think pieces even where they have to be wedged in. Heck, we even read a scathing review of “Venom” in a Canadian newspaper that accused the film of “pandering to whiteness” and even managed to work in a snide reference to Trump’s election.

Like he said. It’s to the point where it’s reflexive, sometimes to humorous effect. Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke campaigned at Texas Southern University Tuesday, where he was joined by actor Kendrick Sampson, whom the Internet Movie Database tells us is best known for his role as the ticket taker in “Electric Slide.”

Samson, who’s black, told students not to let old white people decide their lives for them.

Yeah, old white people sure do suck. But we weren’t aware any were running for Senate in Texas.

Hey, to college undergrads, 47 is old.

Remember back in the early days of the 2016 campaign when lefties like Chris Matthews were wondering if Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were “really” Hispanic? And he wasn’t the only one asking the question.

Vote Beto, so he can be another white man who grows old in the Senate!