The Brett Kavanaugh drama certainly did keep the Russian collusion story off the front pages for a few weeks, but a few lefties have already dried their tears over Kavanaugh’s swearing-in and are pivoting back to what they do best: serving up nothing-burgers over a narrative that’s been going around for almost two years now.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes doesn’t sound too confident about the Robert Mueller probe, seeing as he’s couching his scenario inside a big “if” disclaimer.

This might not be a good time for news networks like MSNBC to be dealing in unproved hypotheticals; that’s kind of how they got burned with Dianne Feinstein’s letter and celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti’s “100-percent credible” client.

Yep — the media going to keep going with “guilty until proven innocent.” Maybe Hayes should ask some of his reporter friends to see some evidence of that Russian collusion.

Given everything we know about Hillary Clinton, *if* Russia approached her about selling them uranium …