You might recall that last weekend, the American Civil Liberties Union took the rare step of issuing a statement on a Supreme Court nominee, something the organization had done only three other times in its 98-year history. In short, the ACLU declared that Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed because of the “credible accusations of sexual assault” leveled against him.

Note that wording: “credible accusations” — not proven accusations or even corroborated accusations. Just the fact that they were “credible” was enough to disqualify Kavanaugh. Kind of hypocritical for an organization that should be defending due process.

The ACLU’s at it again Thursday, and they’ve shown their hand: it’s not about accusations of sexual assault, it’s about Donald Trump being president.

Never forget: Donald Trump won the election in 2016, and the president gets to nominate Supreme Court justices.

It really is sad to see the ACLU completely disregard due process just because Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump and not President Clinton.