On Thursday night, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by Brett Kavanaugh in which he apologizes for being over-emotional during his testimony while being accused of sexual assault and possibly holding a string of parties at which girls were routinely drugged and gang-raped.

Some other people were a little too emotional as well, if we recall correctly.

So Kavanaugh has apologized for letting anger get the best of him, but — won’t somebody think of the children?

ABC News did and published a report on the effect the “Kavanaugh controversy” is having on teens.

First, who gives a **** what teens think, and second … well, we can’t think of a second. But let’s not pretend that a whole generation of kids is going to be damaged if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

Booker wasn’t yelling … he was just really passionate about his truth.

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OK, we literally don’t have the patience to do a post on this hot take from USA Today, so we’ll just let it speak for itself. Enjoy.