We at Twitchy always strive to bring you the hottest takes, and the Brett Kavanaugh nomination certainly has inspired some scorchers. Funny, for example, how Kavanaugh’s most high-profile accuser hasn’t accused him of rape, but we’re getting all sorts of think pieces on ’80s rape culture, toxic masculinity in private schools, etc., and the takes just keep on spiraling out from there, as far as they can stretch.

Take this piece in fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar about how conservative women are OK with sexual harassment, for one.

OK, sell us. Which conservative women are OK with harassment? The five Republican women who spoke with CNN in advance of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony? Yeah, sure, let’s assume they speak for all conservative women.

Here’s what we got in exchange for a pop-up ad about “11 Shoes Every Woman Should Own”:

If you genuinely think that all men attempt to rape women in high school, the correct response is to be incandescent with rage, or at least fearful for all young women’s safety. It is not to shrug and say, “that’s how it is.” That would be like seeing a plague destroy your community and saying, “well, plagues will be plagues.”

Instead, the response seems to be that this is fine. It’s not that big a deal. When Bari Weiss wonders, “Let’s say he did this exactly as she said. Should the fact that a 17 year old, presumably very drunk kid, did this, should this be disqualifying?”

I mean, yes. Kavanaugh is going to be overseeing a lot of rulings that regard the treatment of women. There are men of both parties who can do that who did not try to rape a woman. So, yes? A thousand times yes?

This feels obvious to me.

What feels obvious to us is that a sexual assault back in high school is a big deal — but we kind of need to grant Kavanaugh due process, seeing as he’s denied it as fervently as Ford has insisted it happened.

Anyway, we’ll turn things over to Alyssa E. Hackbarth, who has some thoughts:

Well said.

Oh, and this is what you get for calling for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh, Sen. Jeff Flake:

As for Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, you get a stern talking to from your sister Alyssa Milano:

And the readers of Harper’s Bazaar are ticked off because Bill Clinton’s wife didn’t win the election. Check yourself.