The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School seems like forever ago — the media has even let anti-gun crusader David Hogg slip out of the limelight, and he was supposed to be organizing the youth to change the country’s future.

And then there are who talked about Parkland and school safety but never quite caught the media’s attention, most likely because they didn’t fit with the “blame the NRA” narrative that got Hogg so much airtime.

Andrew Pollack lost his daughter Meadow on Valentine’s Day, and perhaps more than anyone, he’s tried to steer the attention where it belongs, despite where celebrities have tried to cast it. On Monday he pointed activist Alyssa Milano in the right direction.

We’re still waiting for CNN to bring Sheriff Scott Israel back for a second town hall — we’ve learned a whole lot since then, Jake Tapper. Israel can bring Milano along if he wants to, as well as the officers who waited outside the school while the shooting was happening.

She’s moved on to the next shiny object.