Before Sen. Jeff Flake caved to — um, compromised with — Democrats to demand the FBI investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Jeff Merkley put on some great political theater by seeking an injunction to delay any final vote on Kavanaugh, arguing that his constitutional duty to advise and consent on nominees was being obstructed.

Even now that there’ll be a limited FBI investigation, Merkley is somehow arguing that Republicans “rushing” the process is demonstrating why women who survive sexual abuse don’t come forward.

Since Chairman Chuck Grassley isn’t here at the moment, we’ll remind Merkley that Sen. Dianne Feinstein sat on a woman’s allegations of sexual assault for six weeks, dropping them only when Kavanaugh had passed his initial confirmation hearings with the support of a majority of the Senate.

Wouldn’t withholding a credible allegation of sexual assault for six weeks show women that their voices don’t matter (unless politically expedient)? That investigation into the claims that Democrats demanded could have begun then and there.

To be honest, we believe there are a lot of reasons victims of sexual abuse don’t come forward or report the crimes; however, we don’t think the GOP “rushing” a vote after delaying it until Ford could appear and give her sworn testimony isn’t one of them.