The Washington Examiner is reporting Saturday that a Catholic University dean has been suspended for the remainder of the semester after posting tweets that allegedly cast doubt on the sexual assault accusations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

He also reportedly deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So what did Will Rainford say? Well, he questioned why Michael Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick, who would have been a college student at the time, would have been attending high school parties at which she claims druggings and gang rapes were a ritual occurrence:

Rainford is a dean of the university’s social work school, where 40 graduate students walked out in protest.

University president John Garvey issued a lengthy statement on Rainford’s suspension, which read in part:

Over the past few days I have heard from numerous professors, alumni, and students of the National Catholic School of Social Service who are concerned with a series of tweets written by Dean Will Rainford. The tweets called into question the validity of some accusations of sexual assault made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Of deepest concern to me is that they demonstrated a lack of sensitivity to the victim.

The Catholic University of America has no position on the Kavanagh matter. But let there be no doubt that our University, and particularly our National Catholic School of Social Service, has a special concern for every victim and survivor of sexual assault.