There’s one thing you’ve got to say for Democrats, and that is they always fall into lockstep the second the talking points are sent out. Even though the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh under oath sitting right in front of them, they keep on asking him why he, the accused, doesn’t demand an FBI investigation into an alleged sexual assault somewhere the alleged victim can’t even remember and who those she claimed to be there all deny it.

As Twitchy reported, a grandstanding Sen. Dick Durbin badgered Kavanaugh to call for an FBI investigation on the spot, and he actually called for the confirmation process to be halted until that FBI investigation had been completed. (Sen. Chuck Grassley shot that down.)

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro lays out the Democrats’ strategy:

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein is also calling B.S. on the Democrats’ insistence on an FBI investigation.

And don’t forget that Sen. Dianne Feinstein turned over Christine Blasey Ford’s letter to the authorities, and the FBI passed on an investigation and slipped the letter into Kavanaugh’s background file.

And now Sen. Chris Coons is asking for a one-week delay for an FBI investigation — it’s not going to happen; it’s not their job or jurisdiction.

We noticed that Kavanaugh quoted Sen. Joe Biden from 1991: the FBI does not reach conclusions — and Durbin and all the rest of them know it.