Whatever Amnesty International used to do isn’t what they’ve been doing lately. As Twitchy reported, the group that used to pressure governments to free political prisoners now wants the U.S. to pass stronger gun control so as not to be in violation of international human rights law.

Leaving behind whatever last shred of credibility it had, Amnesty International has now weighed in on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, issuing a rare call that the Senate vote be delayed until it can be determined that Kavanaugh has not been involved in any human rights violations.

Well at least Amnesty International was honest enough to blurt out the truth at the end there: this whole thing has been about some phantom idea that the second he’s confirmed, Justice Kavanaugh will somehow outlaw abortion in the U.S. It’s all Roe v Wade all the time with these people in their stupid handmaid costumes.