OK, we have to back up a few steps before we get to journalist Ron Fournier’s tweet, but it all begins with the very valid complaint that Democrats and the mainstream media have said and done virtually nothing about some very credible sexual abuse charges leveled at DNC vice deputy chair Keith Ellison.

Like Twitchy reported earlier, Ellison said that other women might “cook up” allegations against him, which sure sounds like there might be some more shoes he’s expecting to drop.

Not even Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand? She’s usually right on top of these things.

Here’s Fournier apparently self-identifying as a liberal and also imploring people to “defend every woman.”

Hey, he said stop the whataboutism. Believe every woman, starting with Christine Blasey Ford.

“Yes, Bill Clinton is a good man too.”

Exit questions for Fournier:

Sadly, she was unavailable for comment.