The Senate Democrats think they’re being awfully clever here; it’s a shame some unpaid intern had to dig up the video to put this together:

Hmm … why would an FBI investigation be the right thing to do in 1991 but not 2018? What made the Clarence Thomas hearings different?

It’s really unbelievable how many people in the comments are calling Sen. Orrin Hatch a hypocrite over this.

Besides, Sen. Dianne Feinstein passed her bombshell letter on to the FBI, which declined to investigate. Maybe if she’d share the unredacted letter with the other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republicans would be calling for an investigation too, but we’ll never know, apparently.

After he’s confirmed, that is.

We’re almost getting sick of asking, but gee — why did Sen. Dianne Feinstein sit on Christine Blasey Ford’s letter for two months before passing it along to authorities if she was so anxious for an FBI investigation?