OK, we really thought the media had hit rock bottom with TIME’s piece suggesting that after the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh surfaced, “the row of young girls [behind him at his hearing], legs bare in their private-school skirts, looked different now.” What, are they trying to suggest he’s a pedophile now?

Like we said, we thought the media had hit rock bottom, but it’s a race between TIME and HuffPost, which offered up the hot take Thursday that Judge Kavanaugh liked to have his female clerks dress a certain way: “outgoing.” A fetish he had, perhaps?

Check out this reporting:

Travis Lenkner, who clerked for Kavanaugh in 2007 and 2008, said the idea that Kavanaugh had a certain look in mind for female clerks is absurd.

“There’s only one ‘look’ that is a requirement in Judge Kavanaugh’s chambers for men and women,” he said. “And that is that a suit is required every day. It’s a formal chambers in a formal courthouse.”

Go on …

Giving law students advice on what to wear to an interview isn’t terribly odd, but the particular warning about Kavanaugh is unusual, said Vivia Chen, a senior columnist at The American Lawyer magazine who writes about gender and the legal profession. Typically the advice would be more general, like wear a nice suit, she said.

“It sounds sexist,” Chen said. “If you’re going into that kind of detail, it sounds like the judge has a fetish, frankly, and that the law professors are feeding the fetish.”

Wow, this is really a stretch. No surprise Ashley Feinberg contributed to the report.

Well, the press has to do most of the heavy lifting until Christine Blasey Ford agrees to testify under oath, so they work with what they have.