Does Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii know anything about due process? Just yesterday, she was telling “the men of this country” to “shut up and just step up and do the right thing,” which, to us, would be to invite Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to give her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee — something her lawyer on Monday said she was anxious to do, before backtracking on Tuesday and demanding an FBI investigation of her claims.

On Wednesday, Hirono doubled down on her claim that the GOP senators on the committee would be “re-victimizing” Ford — assuming of course that her story is true — by asking her to testify.

Mediaite has the video.

“I am totally disappointed that all of these people who have come forward to say we should hear from her and now that she is expected a modicum of fairness so she’s not re-victimized are now saying ‘if she doesn’t want to testify, we should just go ahead,’” Hirono told CNN’s “New Day.”

Again, wasn’t her lawyer just two days ago telling the media how anxious her client was to tell her story? Didn’t she offer her story (or what she remembered of it) to The Washington Post? So how do we get her story without re-victimizing her? And no, there were never plans to have her in a room with Kavanaugh, despite hysterical reports to the contrary.


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