We’d thought CNN had reached saturation coverage of celebrity attorney and Democratic 2020 hopeful Michael Avenatti, but when news got out about Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser speaking to The Washington Post, it was imperative for CNN to bring Avenatti back on for his expert analysis.

Did we mention that Avanatti’s most high-profile client is making news today by comparing the president’s penis to the toadstool guy from “Mario Kart?” What role will Stormy Daniels fill in the Avenatti administration?

And yes, plenty of people noted that it’s “role,” not “roll.”

But’s he’s on CNN’s speed-dial and always has time for a hit.

CNN certainly does seem to be giving him a lot of airtime on issues that have nothing to do with Stormy Daniels. Is he a paid political contributor now, or does that happen after he leaves office?