It’s almost quaint, now, how there was so much fear that if he were made vice president, Mike Pence literally would, according to MSBNC’s “AM Joy” and others, put all gays in concentration camps “hoping to pray away the gay.”

Just for perspective, back in 2012, word was going around on social media that Mitt Romney also would put all gays in concentration camps were he elected president. Oh, and he was also going to ban tampons and Instagram.

NowThis News, which has dropped any pretense of being anything other than a liberal film studio, has posted a video by “Grey’s Anatomy” executive producer Elisabeth Finch, who was tragically diagnosed with cancer and found herself pregnant, despite doctors’ insistence that she was infertile. She had an abortion because of the effect of the cancer drugs on the fetus.

Now we’re not trying to downplay any of Finch’s story, which is terrible. But still, it repeats false claims like Supreme Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh equating birth control with abortifacients — a claim that has been debunked by both PolitiFact and The Washington Post’s fact checker.

If anything, we’re amazed at what women believe will happen the moment Kavanaugh is confirmed; first of all, he’s just one of nine justices, and he can’t dictate laws from the bench; cases have to be brought before him.

But if you ever wondered why women are protesting Kavanaugh so vehemently and being pulled out screaming from his hearings, consider that they truly believe his confirmation would have forced Finch to carry a baby to term despite her cancer diagnosis.

Again, debunked.

Our questions: First, women are arguing for abortion up to the 20th week and beyond with no questions asked; they’re not taking into account the life of the mother, which is something pro-lifers do take into account. No, instead liberals are publishing pieces asking why abortion can’t be funny.

Again, we’re sincerely sorry for what Finch has endured, but we still don’t see how the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh alone is going to force women with cancer to carry babies to term — this is not something we picked up from the hearings, and it’s not something conservatives would want either, despite the fact that women truly believe Margaret Atwood’s 1985 book is the blueprint for Republicans. It’s not. Talk to a few in real life.