President Trump on Saturday evening sent out another “witch hunt” tweet which of course stirred up the nest of journalists still working. Trump argues that his poll numbers would be higher if not for Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Tell you what; we’re just going to assume there’s some miscommunication here. TIME correspondent Phil Elliott tweeted that the probe had yielded guilty pleas and convictions, which it has, through referrals to SDNY.

But is Elliott suggesting any of those guilty pleas and convictions disprove Trump’s claim of no collusion?

The link to Reuters was suspect, but linking to Vox? Hard pass.

Let’s just say there’s a ratio party in Elliott’s feed Saturday night and he’s trying to mingle and serve up nothing-burgers.

Is it just us, or is kind of funny that a TIME correspondent keeps linking to Reuters over and over and over and over again to prove his case?

Oh man, if Elliott’s going there, then we have to interject because whenever people try to connect the dossier in any way with the Washington Free Beacon, which initially hired Fusion GPS, the story gets twisted: the Free Beacon dumped the project long before the fake dossier was started; that only began after the Hillary campaign and the DNC started paying the bills.

Carry on.

Hold on …

We’ll allow it; like we said up top, it’s that Elliott was replying to the Trump tweet that made it sound as though he were tying guilty pleas to collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Maybe TIME will publish that evidence very soon.