OK, here’s another one of those occasions when we try to avoid featuring Twitter randos, but some of the things they say just throw so clearly into perspective just how some on the Left actually think and feel that we can’t leave them alone.

To jump on this train of thought, you have to go back a day and revisit a tweet from former Secretary of State John Kerry, who for some reason has kept up relations with Iran’s government even though he no longer holds public office. Plus he’s got a book to plug any chance he gets.

Like we said, nice book plug. Gotta shift those units. Now here’s where Gay Patriot gets involved.

The Obama administration tried really, really hard to get cozy with Iran.

Here’s where it gets good.

Yes, the first president to enter office in favor of same-sex marriage (even sainted Barack Obama had to “evolve” on that one) would hang everyone in the LGBTQ community. Why hasn’t he? Republicans have the House, Senate, and White House.

Hang on — that was a quick pivot from hanging gays to accepting them as equals.

Yeah, MSNBC said all gays were going to be put in concentration camps.