Business Insider on August 30 published a story noting that the upcoming Neil Armstrong movie “First Man” omits the planting of the American flag on the lunar surface. Star Ryan Gosling, a Canadian, said that the moon landing was generally perceived as a “human achievement,” not an American one, and that’s how Armstrong perceived it too.

It didn’t take Chuck Yeager and Buzz Aldrin long to weigh in, with Aldrin tweeting photos of the American flag on the moon with the hashtag #proudtobeanAmerican.

We’d missed it at the time, but the studio posted a trailer for the movie on Twitter at the end of August, and the comments are still piling up.

If you watch closely you can see a flag being raised at a house and another flying over a cemetery, so we know the prop room had at least one in stock.

Is Gosling’s take sincere, or did the filmmakers just not want to risk losing one cent of international ticket sales? Remember in “Superman Returns” when they asked if the long-absent Superman still stood for “truth, justice, all that stuff?”