We’re not saying this to be mean, but we really did have to go to imdb.com to find out from what movie we should know actress and activist Piper Perabo. She’s been in a lot, but her big break seems to have been “Coyote Ugly” back in 2000.

Linda Sarsour wasn’t the only big name removed from the hearing room; Perabo was too, and CNN was kind enough to give her space on their site to write about the experience.

She writes at CNN as if she were called on to give a statement from the gallery:

I was the fourth person to stand and speak. My statement: “Senators, this President is an unindicted co-conspirator in federal crimes and should not be allowed to choose a judge that believes the President is above the law. Especially a judge that would take away women’s equal rights. Please, be a hero and vote no on Kavanaugh.” Well, that’s what I planned to say, but was pulled away by the Capitol Police before I could deliver all of it.

The police took me and about 10 other women to the basement. They handcuffed us with big, white zip ties. They took our possessions. They put us in police vans. More and more people were being brought to the basement to be arrested. They were almost all women.

Women are the future, after all.

Perabo admitted that she was scared when she was arrested, and MoveOn last week was generous enough to make a video featuring both her arrest and a list of liberal talking points about Kavanaugh.

You know what else was probably scary? Being Kavanaugh’s 13-year-old and 10-year-old daughters being escorted from the hearing room while people were screaming and shouting at their father.

Yep … they were ready to go even before Kavanaugh’s name was announced.