Progressive women on social media are telling us all that the minute Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, he’ll “make half the population sub-human baby vessels and then put limitations on both love and clean air.”

Wow … that’s a lot of power to ascribe to one Supreme Court justice. Do they have any idea how the government works?

Nevertheless, a bunch of progressive woman candidates got together in Brooklyn Saturday and had an impromptu dance party — probably taking advantage of their final days before being forced to wear “Handmaid’s Tale” garb and bear children.

The revolutionary women are in the house? We do see Zephyr Teachout, who has promised to sue ICE if elected New York’s attorney general, seeing as it’s “a tool of cruelty, unconstitutional behavior, [and] illegality.” Then, of course, there’s gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon, who thinks air conditioning is sexist and wants to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses as soon as she’s elected.

And then state senate candidate Julia Salazar — who fudged her background and was arrested in 2011 on allegations of fraudulently attempting to access the bank account of a family friend — showed up to join the party. And of course Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was there. At one point, they all sang happy birthday to Bernie Sanders.

Despite the quality of dancing on display, this was probably the most laughable tweet of Goldmacher’s thread:

New York City’s Democratic Socialist chapter? The one whose aim is to abolish profit, abolish borders, and abolish prisons along with abolishing ICE? Can they abolish dancing in public while they’re at it?

It’s true:

You know what we’d pay to see? All of these candidates having victory parties just like Hillary’s at the Javits Center.