A lot of people on social media are calling for paper ballots, most likely because of claims like Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s that Russian operatives had sneaked into polling places and reprogrammed the voting machines with floppy disks, or Sen. Bill Nelson’s more recent and since backtracked claim that Russians had hacked into Florida’s voter system and had “free rein to move about.”

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden is pushing for paper ballots with his PAVE Act.

Since Hillary Clinton was supposed to win and didn’t, everything has to be questioned before the next round of voting, and Barbra Streisand wants to know why the GOP opposes tightening election security.

Why didn’t Obama? That Russian meddling was done on his watch.

We’ll admit — we’re honestly not sure we’ve heard any opposition to paper ballots from the GOP, and if there was, we missed it. And that’s up to the individual states. And as far as enhanced security … how about requiring voter ID before someone casts a ballot?

Nope. Streisand voiced her opposition to voter ID last month:

Ah yes, voter ID is racist.

How about paper ballots and voter ID — wouldn’t that be even more secure?