As Twitchy reported, the all-important Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings actually got put on the back burner this week after The New York Times took the unprecedented step of publishing an anonymous op-ed from someone claiming to be “the resistance” working inside the White House to save President Trump from himself and scuttle the problematic components of his agenda.

There was a lot of speculation on who this unnamed “senior official” was, ranging from Vice President Mike Pence to the White House chef, and some even thought it was U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Haley responded in an op-ed in The Washington Post criticizing the anonymous writer and arguing that when she has a difference of opinion with the president, she confronts him directly.

Here’s where it gets weird: The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol the whole thing is planned:

So what Kristol is suggesting is that “anonymous” purposefully set up Haley, knowing she’d respond the way she did? Or was the nameless writer working behind the scenes with Haley to boost her presidential bid in 2020? Or is Kristol just full of it?