We know there’s been plenty of Cory Booker news today — and there’s still more coming — but on Wednesday night he pulled out a visual aid during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing that we thought we’d put to a vote among our readers.

Booker’s lines of questioning Wednesday night primarily focused on racial issues, such as affirmative action admissions policies at universities and voter ID laws, which still don’t strike us as a racial issue, but any Democrat in Congress would be happy to argue that with us.

But visual aids are always a treat, and here’s one of Booker’s from Wednesday night:

Scary enough to confront Kavanaugh with it. Booker’s press secretary, Kristin Lynch, tweeted a clearer version of the poster announcing South Carolina’s new photo ID requirements, and darn it, it’s just not … welcoming.

What do you say, readers? Welcoming or intimidating? Should it have been in a nice light pink and had cartoon unicorns holding up their driver’s licenses? Would a little Comic Sans have hurt? Some glitter?

Wow, they really have nothing.