We passed on this news the other night, but in case you missed it, comedian Louis C.K., who last fall confirmed in a statement that the stories of him being a sexual predator were true, made an unannounced return to the stage. The gross details of him masturbating in front of female comics were published by The New York Times, and he confessed to all of them. And then he disappeared for a while. But long enough?

His unannounced set at a comedy club this week did not please Kathy Griffin.

So the world of comedy (and whatever it is Kathy Griffin does) is just like corporate America, run by white men who cover up for and promote each other? That leads us to wonder:

As Jerry Seinfeld might say, “What’s up with that?”

Same thing with liberal Hollywood … we’re still getting #MeToo stories from Tinseltown — about women predators no less.

We’re sure that comedy club was filled with conservative white men too, waiting to hear some cheeky jokes about Trump’s golf game.

So, when is the liberal world of professional comedy going to tackle its own sexism and racism?