As Twitchy has reported, CNN has been digging quite the hole for itself by standing by a story that other outlets have backed off of, even though Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis admitted to BuzzFeed to being the source of the story and lying about it. CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote that even though Davis had lied didn’t mean, however, that CNN’s story is incorrect.

President Trump tweeted Wednesday night that Carl Bernstein, whose name appeared on the byline of the story, was “a degenerate fool.”

CNN’s PR arm went into action to confirm that, yes Mr. President, they are real news.

Um …

Yeah, about that. Lanny Davis, who was an anonymous source for the story, reportedly declined to comment on the story. And Davis even lied on air on CNN that he wasn’t a source. How does that work?

It’s like Twitchy reported; CNN was setting itself up for a faceplant after Davis confirmed on-the-record that he gave false information to media outlets regarding whether or not President Trump had prior knowledge of the now infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. And here were are.

Hey, by the way, welcome back from vacation, Brian Stelter! Got any media news to report?