Bloomberg Opinion is pretty late to the party on this one; it’s gun control activists who are currently exploiting the deaths of two gamers in Jacksonville, Fla. to attack the NRA and push Democrat get-out-the-vote efforts on this primary election day.

But even given the assumption that it’s OK to politicize gun deaths even before a final body count but not OK to politicize murders by illegal aliens, Bloomberg Opinion’s Francis Wilkinson decided to take it one step further and link the “exploitation” of college student Mollie Tibbetts’s murder to President Trump and the racial aggression he’s brought out in conservatives.

Um, what now?

Of course, the foundation of this ugly game is racial aggression. The defilement of white women by non-white men is as old a racial trope as we’ve got in this country. Yet it still motivates: “You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go,” the white racist Dylann Roof said to black churchgoers before he murdered nine of them in 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.

It’s hard to relegate such tropes to the dustbin of history if large numbers of people prefer not to. It’s even harder when the president of the United States, and much of his party, go dumpster diving there for political issues.

“Dumpster diving” for political issues? Or simply encouraging the United States to enforce the damn border laws as passed by Congress?

Funny … Wilkinson mentions Dylann Roof as if he were Donald Trump’s son but never mentions in his piece the deportation of an actual (white) Nazi by the Trump administration that left progressives somehow angered and confused.

“Tibbetts and [Kate] Steinle were victims of horrible crimes,” Wilkinson admits in the very last paragraph of his piece, which is a nice afterthought in a piece solely focused on Trump and Fox News pundits all being racists.