Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the United State Supreme Court, but that hasn’t stopped the efforts of Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, and the media to make him appear as toxic as possible.

We didn’t think anyone could top The Washington Post’s big scoop that Kavanaugh had purchased thousands of dollars of baseball tickets on a credit card, but now the Associated Press has dug back into Kavanaugh’s college days and found out he was more interested in basketball than debating gay rights or apartheid.

“Friends and acquaintances say” … would any of them happen to be named Lanny Davis?

It was the 1980s at Yale University, and Brett Kavanaugh’s classmates were protesting South Africa’s apartheid system, rallying for gay rights and backing dining hall workers in a labor dispute.

But friends and acquaintances say the future Supreme Court nominee seemed more interested in battles on the basketball court than politically charged debates.

“If you had asked him back then: ‘You have the option of becoming a Supreme Court justice or having a six-year career in the NBA,’ I think he would have picked the NBA,” said Rusty Sullivan, a fellow sportswriter at the college paper.

This reminds us of the time the media went through Barack Obama’s college transcripts … no, wait, it doesn’t.

Yes; yes you are.