MSNBC’s Katy Tur — the firefighter — opened “Meet the Press Daily” with a piece on the death of Sen. John McCain, and not surprisingly, she had plenty of kind words for the senator from Arizona.

Like so many liberals, though, Tur seemed to be mourning not just the death of McCain, but the death of the “good” Republican party — the one that was always ready to reach across the aisle.

Mediaite has the video:

It’s really too bad that Twitter was in its early days in 2008, because we’d love to go back and see all the nice things all these journalists and Democrats were saying about McCain as he ran a presidential campaign against Barack Obama. You remember: entire think pieces were written on McCain referring to Obama as “that one” during a debate, which obviously was racist.

So what has Tur so glum? Mediate reports:

Katy Tur opened today’s MTP Daily with a blunt message about the current state of the Republican party as the nation mourns the passing of John McCain.

“The bipartisan, truth-seeking, country-first, principled brand of Republican politics that John McCain embodied is gone,” she said. “Replaced by a populist brand of reality-TV-show truth-isn’t-truth base-pounding politics that is pretty much the opposite of everything John McCain stood for.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza has assured us reporters don’t root for a side, but isn’t it interesting that Tur’s first word in describing her “principled brand of Republican politics” was “bipartisan”?

There’s a lot of that going around.

Nope. But we’ll be hearing this a lot from the cable news pundits over the next few days.