We’re old enough to remember enjoying Oliver Darcy’s work at TheBlaze, so it’s sort of sad for us to see how deeply invested he and CNN are in getting Alex Jones and Infowars banned from Twitter, which is about the last social media platform that hasn’t banned Jones outright. No, we’re not Alex Jones fans, but scrubbing him and only him from the internet seems to have become a mission at CNN.

The president tweeted about censorship Saturday, and Darcy screen capped all the tweets. We can’t say we’re fans of his take, which seems to be, since Donald Trump didn’t tweet in support of censoring Alex Jones, he must be defending Alex Jones.

Bill Maher did indeed defend Alex Jones’ right to speak, much to the chagrin of guest Jennifer Granholm. Maybe talk to him about it?

Somebody’s hot to get Prager U off of Facebook … maybe CNN should look into it.

We didn’t hear anything about conservatives losing followers on CNN, so …

Just so we’re straight … once Alex Jones and Infowars are banned from Twitter, it’s all good?


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