It’s been no secret that the retiring Sen. Jeff Flake has long opposed President Trump, and today he called on his fellow Republicans to denounce a tweet in which Trump called “crazed, crying lowlife” Omarosa a “dog” … an insult he’s used with quite a few other people by the way.

We agree a personal tweet like that is not the most presidential way of doing business, but we’re kind of OK with it too, seeing the depths to which Omarosa is willing to sink to plug her stupid book.

In any case, Resistance leader Rep. Eric Swalwell was right there to advise Flake on what to do.

“It’s now time to switch over” … why do we read that in Emperor Palpatine’s voice? “Let the Trump hate flow through you …”

Is this the turning point at which Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was doomed?

But lady, you’re talking to a Republican. Flake still has that (R) next to his name for a little while longer — must be all the money and power.

No doubt — at least he can retire having done something conservative. And like we said, if Flake has problems with the name-calling someone “dog,” he should have raised them a while ago: