The Washington Post on Monday accidentally stumbled onto the obvious with a piece pointing out that many of the Antifa members who showed up to protest a practically nonexistent group of white supremacists ended up assaulting and harassing the media instead. As Twitchy reported, Antifa assaults on the press are nothing new; people who cover their faces while “protesting” usually aren’t keen on being caught on tape doing what they’re doing.

We’re no fans of Antifa — had they not shown up, a rally of around 25 white supremacists would have been ignored, and rightfully so. They wanted the attention, and they got it.

So imagine our shock to learn that we’re fascists for not supporting Antifa, at least according to blue-check maker of comics Jon Rosenberg.

How about no. Are we supposed to be grateful to Antifa for vandalizing businesses and smashing ATMs with baseball bats because of a speech at UC Berkeley that never happened?

Don’t you hate when fascists find your tweet? Those guys are everywhere. Too bad you can’t punch Nazis over Twitter.

Don’t forget using the threat of violence to shut down speakers on campus with whom they disagree.

He does seem a bit on edge.

Good talk. Oh, and check out Rosenberg’s Twitter bio if you’d like to become a sponsor of his on Patreon. If you don’t, you’re a Nazi.